I am Daniyal Zafar, and this is my story.

I was born on February 23rd, 1995 in Islamabad, Pakistan, and was the youngest out of 3 brothers. My dad worked in the Government of Pakistan’s Urban Planning sector and my mother was the owner of a spa. My parents decided to move to Canada due to turmoil at the time in Pakistan politics.

On October 2nd, 2000, our family immigrated to Toronto, Canada. Our first home was a small apartment in Brampton, Ontario. We didn’t stay in Brampton for too long and actually moved 5 times in Canada while my parents looked for good, stable jobs. We finally settled in Ottawa, Ontario where my dad worked as a civilian in the RCMP and my mother started a daycare business.

My interest in Entrepreneurship started in Ottawa when I was 11 years old. I started looking for ways to build a business online, and that’s when I found UsedOttawa and Kijiji. I first used Kijiji and UsedOttawa soon after the release of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii, by convincing my parents to make the initial investment to purchase broken consoles as the first generation consoles were not fairing too well with heat-related issues. Over the following months, I would buy the consoles, fix them, then list them on eBay for profit thus sparking my passion for entrepreneurship.

Over the following years, I experimented with many businesses including having a business partnership with my oldest brother by selling cars on our family home parking lot from the ages of 13 to 16. I also ran a cell phone repair business by ordering hundreds of iPhone LCDs on eBay and cornering the LCD repair market by negotiating high-profit margin deals with Chinese distributors. After having experimented with many types of businesses, I found that I really enjoyed digital marketing – specifically on Facebook. At the age of 18, I made one of the first Facebook Buy and Sell Groups in Canada, and after growing it to over 20,000 local Ottawa members, I sold it. After I sold the Ottawa group, I decided to start buying groups in other provinces believing that they could provide immense community building & advertising opportunities through the uses of Cover Photos and Pinned Posts. These tactics worked and marketing clients were willing to pay for their business to be featured on cover photos and pinned posts.

After realizing I seemed to have a talent in organic Facebook marketing, I took to create my own digital agency at the age of 20 called Armada Marketing with two business partners who worked with me in the startup. My two business partners left the company in order to pursue their own careers but of-course, I had a passion for growing the Armada brand. I first started by offering a full suite of marketing services in order to learn the specifics of what I am the best at, which wound up being paid and organic Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and web design.

Today, I have placed Armada Marketing under my more recently created holding corporation, Armada World Inc., where I currently also have launched Armada Academy, a place for students to learn advanced marketing skills, and the Marketer Magazine, a magazine providing the latest news on Canadian Media, Arts, and Entrepreneurship.