Hello everyone! I hope everyone has been having an incredible 2018 so far, and I hope you’ve all been keeping up with The DaniyalZi Show!

I thought today would be a great day to start writing from my long hiatus.

Many of you already know how I feel about mental health, and many of you know that I have been vocal about the subject over the past few months. From speaking about it on my show to working with Bassem Elghawaby on creating and helping produce his incredible show hellbent on tackling the challenges of collaboration and mental health, Cracking the Code. Through these initiatives, I have not only experienced myself in a new community, but I also saw for the first time, the stigma that individuals who suffer from Mental Health experience on daily basis. Speaking about Bassem, he has a story and hustle that every single entrepreneur, collaborator, and anyone who has a general interest in mental health should check out, the journey of this guy through incredibly challenging times inspires and motivates me to push forward, his experiences have made him an incredible example for the type of leaders I wished for at Armada Marketing and now I have, and most importantly, a great friend.

One of the strongest examples of the stigma of mental health comes from a person I got to know in late 2017, he is someone that suffers from Schizoaffective disorder, and he is one of the kindest, intelligent person I have had the pleasure to meet, he takes medicine that causes him to shake and sometimes stutter, and what does he tell people that he meets? He tells them that he has Parkinson’s instead of telling them that he has schizoaffective because he is worried that they will be afraid of him. When he told me this story, I never felt more helpless to such an incredible, bright man who is just looking to make his mark on the world. He knows who he is and is probably reading this article, so I have a message for you buddy, and every other person experiencing mental illness.

I speak about hustling on almost every post I make, I speak of getting shit done and accomplishing every single goal, but, the hustle I speak of is a fraction compared to the fight you fight every single day. You inspire me to do more and work harder because the battle you fight and get through every day is an incredible testament to the strength you carry. The experiences a person with mental illness carry give a unique perspective on the world no other regular person has.

Don’t believe me? United States President Abraham Lincoln fought with clinical depression, great scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla changed the world while having severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the incredible artist Vincent Van Gogh is believed to have had Bipolar Disorder, English Writer Charles Dickens with severe depression, Winston Churchill also with depression, Ernest Hemmingway with Bipolar disorder, comedian Darrell Hammond with Schizophrenia, Mathematician John Nash with Schizophrenia, and so on and so forth.

These people took their mental illness and some of them fought it for what they wanted and some of them used it for their inspiration. You too can be the next name on this list of the great people of human history. I believe in you, and I believe in your hustle because I see it every single day.

Mental Health is something that affects every single human on either a personal or external level and on this #BellLetsTalk, let’s get rid of this stigma, it’s 2018.


See you next time, and be sure to check out the latest #TheDaniyalZiShow on video and podcast.

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