Hello Everyone! Welcome to the SEVENTH OFFICIAL EPISODE of #TheDaniyalZiShow. The DaniyalZi Show is a place for entrepreneurs and influencers to share their store to motivate and inspire everyone who aspires to go all in on their own passions.

On this episode, we are joined by Susan Murphy, a top-tier marketing executive with over 20 years of practical marketing experience, and co-founder of Jester. This was a super special episode as we talked everything #entrepreneurship#marketing#mentalhealth, and an awesome story of Susan and Gary Vaynerchuk‘s real-life friendship.

Susan’s bio here: 

“I am a storyteller, and I specialize in creating content for the TV and computer screen.

I have been involved in media production since 1988. I have produced award-winning television shows, websites, training curricula, and a multitude of presentations and marketing/promotional materials.

My company, the Jester, helps people use media to create and communicate their stories. We started this business 15 years ago because we found that people needed one place to get all the tools they need to be able to share their stories in a way that helps them accomplish their goals.

We help people do this through any combination of video, audio, print, online, or the creation of specialized products. Our goal is to capitalize on the strengths of all forms of media to create customized solutions and set people up for success.

I also frequently speak to groups about social media, new media, video production, storytelling and many other topics. More information on my public speaking work can be found here: http://www.suzemuse.com/speaking/

Specialties: social media, content development, marketing, public speaking, video editing, videography, television production, video production, web development, web design, corporate communications, adult education, training.”Want to be on the show with your awesome story? Message me!

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