Hello Everyone! Welcome to the THIRD OFFICIAL EPISODE of The DaniyalZi Show, a place for entrepreneurs to share their store to motivate and inspire everyone who aspires to go all in on their own passions.

On this episode, we are joined by Natu Myers, an old friend of mine! Natu is a cryptocurrency investor and software engineer who is experienced in building large-scale applications. His focus is seeing things through an entrepreneurial lens in whatever domain he finds his interests in. He built Innovator.Supply, an HR recruiting software for VR, AR, and chatbot enthusiasts. This was followed his other service, Hypetroop Market. He has a fitness page on Instagram. Stemming from his time at Queen’s, he was a defensive lineman on the Queen’s Gaels football team. Being a multipotentialite, he finished a business incubator program after graduating, launched his own album on iTunes, and he stays up to date industry-penetrating software startups and cryptocurrency investment methods while gaining IT experience.

Connect with Natu:

Tune in next week where the show will begin uploading TWO times per week, every week! Our first guest is an entrepreneur with a serious sales background you WON’T want to miss! 

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