Seeing as it’s almost midnight on a weekday, I nearly didn’t write an article today, but the hustle is real and I got some serious advice for you guys I couldn’t leave you without. 

I started working with Facebook Groups in High School and I knew they would change the way local commerce and online communities would exist. Facebook Groups allow people to en masse to directly communicate with each other in a specific niche I made one of the first and fastest growing buy and sell Facebook Groups in Ottawa when I was 18 and it grew to 22,000 active monthly members when I sold it. I also used Facebook Groups to give an Ottawa startup from 400 page views a month on their website to over 50,000 in 6 months. I currently still own over 30 Facebook groups with a total population of nearly 100,000 members and this is what I have learned over the past 4 years of using Facebook Groups to grow my company, Armada Marketing.

Did you find this article on a Facebook group? This is why.

FREE ORGANIC REACH. I can reach over 15,000 local targeting people per month with my articles, and do you know why? I spend an hour sharing my article to every single relevant Facebook group every single night before I go to sleep. Read my article regarding hustle if you can’t find the time to share your Facebook posts to Facebook groups because chances are, you do have time.

Community. You get to directly engage your audience in different groups that may have their own separate communities with their own unique sense of questions, critique, and comments regarding your business, it’s an incredible opportunity to gauge your target audience with their thoughts regarding your business.

Leads and Clients. If you share your content enough with great quality on relevant Facebook Groups, you will over time generate the interest of people who will need your product or service as they will see you as an authority in your field. 

Brand Awareness. Just like above, with all that reach, you will have more relevant people aware of your brand.

How do I find relevant Facebook Groups? 

Just search for them. Own a car dealership? Find all relevant car groups in your area by searching “[city] cars” in the Facebook search function and then hitting the group tab right below the search function.

Want to grow even MORE? 

Make your OWN Facebook Group with a name relevant to your product or service and add all your friends as members so it appears higher in search results. After you add your friends, you should spend at least one hour per day on it to keep it growing and flowing with new daily content and information.
-Side tip: The best Facebook Group hack that differs from a Facebook page is that Facebook doesn’t “invite” your friends to join the group, it automatically makes them a member and they can choose to leave it if they like. This means you should make all your relevant friends members, and message your friends to invite their friends easily getting 1000+ members right off the bat. 


Thank you for reading #ZiTeam, see you tomorrow!

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