I always
found Sunday night to be the day that most people use as a “relax and unwind before the work weekdays”, and if you’re happy doing that, great! You do you! But if you want your business to improve or you just can’t find that time to start your business, NOW is the time.

But what can I POSSIBLY do on a SUNDAY NIGHT?!

ALLOT. While everyone else is watching their favorite TV show, this is the time for YOU to get ahead of the competition and take action. If your hustle is not there almost every day of the week, are you really hustling? Do you even really want it? If you do, here are some things you can do on a Sunday night to improve your business.


Do you have a Facebook business page? No? Make one and invite all your friends to like it so you can start appearing on Facebook.

Already have a Facebook page? Make a post giving some advice within your business, change up your cover photo, say thank you to your fans. How about making a post giving some free advice on your business and then sharing it with relevant Facebook groups giving you massive organic reach?


Like above, make an Instagram page if you don’t have one. With your Instagram page you can:

  • Make a short video giving tips on your business.
  • Take a picture of the cool new thing in your shop.
  • Take a random photo of a quote relevant to your business and throw it up with the hashtags of your targets. Don’t know how to use Instagram correctly? Look at the basics here[link]


Twitter is not dead, so if you closed your account, open it back up and start tweeting! Twitter has recently massively reduced and blocked fake accounts from their system. It’s time to:

  • Use those hashtags relevant for your business. Do you own a construction company? Use the hashtag #ottawabuilds or #ottawanewhomes.
  • DM the leads relevant to you. Make sure to DM them personally if you really want them to look at it.

Your very own Website

Yes, you need to have a website, if you do have a website, most of you are not posting regular content or content at all. On your website, you need to do this yourself or hire someone to do it or you will struggle to grow in the next 10 years:

  • Make articles and blog posts relevant to your business. Own a car dealership? Post about the latest Toyota and whether or not you think it’s a great car to own.
  • Have all your social and contact info on your website so that if someone wants to contact you, they will have no trouble doing it.

Now, I have given you some things you can do right now until midnight. Only some of you will do it, so go get ahead and hustle past your competition.

Thank you for reading and see you all tomorrow!! 

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