“The DaniyalZi Show” is Canada latest business talk show to bring the spotlight to Canada’s entrepreneurs. The purpose of this show is to promote entrepreneurialism in both the young and senior population.

We live in an uncertain time of advancements that will soon start to phase out most jobs from the people that heavily rely on them, but we forget that those same people have inside them an incredible passion for creation and innovation that was simply not motivated enough in their life to pursue. Now those same people have to take a risk; stay in the job that will soon definitely be phased out, or take a much more calculated and beneficial risk on that passion.

This show is also for those entrepreneurs who are half in on their passion because they are afraid of what will happen if they go all the way. With this show, I aim to motivate them and show them that once you’re completely in on something you love, you will simply love every second of it, and that energy alone will bring you the clients, followers, leads, and/or anything else your goal is to achieve.

Together, let’s help them get motivated and be inspired to hustle.

Watch the official first episode of “The DaniyalZi Show” with Sashien Godakandae





Do YOU want to be on “The DaniyalZi Show”? 

Have an incredibly entrepreneurial story that has the ability to inspire and motivate? 

A story that shows the resiliance of the entrepreneurial spirit?

A story that can finally convince the person not following their passion to finally have the motivation to ‘do it!’?

If you answered yes to the above, email me at connect@daniyalzafar.com and let’s talk!





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