If you have a WIX website, you may hate me at the end of this article… Foreseeing this, I must share my backstory. Back when I first started developing websites for clients, I didn’t really know how to build a website. At the time, I was afraid of using WordPress or anything that may take too long for a client that is waiting so I searched on Google for an “Easy Website Builder” and out popped WIX.

I got onto WIX and built my first “website”, it was so easy that I couldn’t believe I had actually completed a full website in less than 2 hours and delivered it to my very happy client 3 days early.

Now the real question was, what were the issues with what I delivered?

I delivered something that looked pretty, but on the inside, it didn’t have the fundamental things that help a website function correctly such as:

  • Canonical Tags – These are needed for your website in case you have any duplicate pages so that Google can showcase the correct page
  • SEO (E-Commerce) – Impossible to customize product URL’s
  • SEO (E-Commerce) – Impossible to add custom meta descriptions for product pages – You can’t tell WIX what to show Google when they click on your product.
  • Responsiveness – WIX only has a smartphone and desktop editor – Do you have a WIX website? Try to change the size of the window and see what happens, now do the same thing with my website. Unless you’re really lucky, you should see that the responsiveness when the size changes is a complete mess on WIX.
  • Cost – WIX costs $14.95 USD per month and $12.95 USD per month if you are okay with having an ugly WIX advertisement on your website header. Compare that to WordPress, which is free, and you only pay for web hosting which costs between $2-$3 per month USD. After a year, you will spend $144 USD more than a regular WordPress website.
  • Loading Speed – WIX has to load each element (such as each picture or box) independently at a different speed which significantly increases the load time of your website if it is filled with plugins and images. You can test this by opening a free WIX website and putting a bunch of photo’s and plugins and compare it to an optimized WordPress website. 

There are many more issues with WIX that hinder the performance of a website, and overall on my end, this was a serious mistake I had made in my early design days which I thankfully no longer use.

Thank you for reading, see you tomorrow!

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