I personally believe Instagram is the greatest marketing tool any agency or company can possess in 2017 for brand awareness, although in 2018 I believe it will be Instagram and Snapchat.

Doing Instagram right is for those individuals and company’s that are willing to play the long game. When a company gets on Instagram, the first thing they find is they can’t link anyone to any of there websites or landing pages, immediately most believe that to be the ‘deal-breaker’… But is it?

Not. At. All. If you’re on Instagram to find customers that want to buy your products immediately, you’ve already lost, and further, it will be the reason your business never grows at the rate that Instagram can let it… Now for those with intuition, they see Instagram as the long game, they know that it may take years but through photo’s and hashtags, they can show their brand from tens to hundreds to millions of people depending on your target audience.

So you got your Instagram profile, now you have to get as many followers as fast as possible to get your brand recognized! NO!

The first and most important lesson for Instagram: Never get fake followers or get on to follow trains by placing hashtags like:


Yes, these hashtags will get you dramatically more followers, but it will not only degrade your reputation but also the number of engagements your post gets.

Currently, there are thousands of Instagram profiles with 100K+ followers, but when you look at there pictures they might get 10 likes and 2 comments, but if you have targeted and achieved 500 good followers, each post will have dramatically higher engagement rates with… Whats the keyword? CONVERSION. Yes, your real 500 targeted followers have an infinitely higher possibility of buying something from you than fake or unengaged followers. It’s your call.

To make this clear, this is the proper way to do it. Let’s say you are a flower shop in the hear of Ottawa, Canada, what should you do? Well, you start with researching your local business hashtags and you lock your search only to your city, which in this case would be Ottawa.

Step 1 is you put a hashtag to search such as:


Then step 2, you see each of the top posts and see what other hashtags they are using like below.

Now you take those hashtags and make your own posts, every single day, even 2 times per day in the morning and evening during high-traffic times. 

Finally, This will lead to your potential leads who may need flowers to see your beautiful pictures of bouquets, and they will like them and remember you in the future when they need to get some as long as you keep posting.

This is a general version to do this for one example using one of many ways we will discuss in further articles. If you need advice for your own business, do not hesitate to give me a shout!


And of course, thank you for reading! See you tomorrow!

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